Brian Rolfe

Brian Rolfe, a South African painter was born on 27 March 1972 in Randfontein, started his career in 1992 as a forensic artist in the South African Police Service. After leaving the S.A.P.S in 1994 Brian started a small commercial art studio in JHB, catering to the South African film and interior design industry. In 2003 Brian had his first exhibition of original work: “Rhythm and Energy of the Earth” which focussed on his interest in the spiritual awakening of people in Africa in relation to the earth’s energy. His reputation and status as an artist have grown over the last 10 years and he is fast becoming a force to be reckoned with in the world of contemporary art.

“My work is a celebration of life and the power of the universe. I have grown to express a feeling or mood rather than a realistic representation of the world we live in. We have such a strong connection with the universe but it is often masked by our strive for existence and survival. I expect my audience, when they see my work, to be triggered by something they know so well but have neglected to acknowledge for some time. To awaken in them a feeling or memory that will strengthen their connection with the earth and their reason for living. Celebrate This World”  – Brian Rolfe