Chadd Lacy glass sculpture

Chadd Lacy

Chadd Lacy received his BFA from Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. In addition to working in a variety of studios in the United States, Lacy has been a faculty member and the studio technician at Cleveland Institute of Art since 2005. His work has taken him to schools and galleries in the United States, Holland, and Japan.

"My current body of work 'In the clouds' engages issues of containment and curiosity, as well as the role that growth plays in both society and nature. They are not statements, but poem like assemblages open for the viewer to bring their own experiences to the objects. Certain elements reoccur in many pieces as a symbol of solace and a reference to the cyclical nature of our world. Sometimes the work strives to make beautiful the notion of death, but all the works depict quiet allegories that want for resolve yet remain open enough to continue to intrigue.

In all, this body strives to be a representation of nature and man. The pieces are dark but playful, composed with a  sophisticated yet simple approach to the material. They are eloquent compositions for the viewer to explore. Through representational devices, the works tell short stories that allude gently to the juxtaposition of the relationship between the natural work and mans control/lack of control." - Chadd Lacy