Dale Chihuly

Achieving the recognition Dale Chihuly has would be difficult in any field of art, let alone a new one (time as a way of bringing credibility.) He co-founded the Pilchuck School in Stanwood, WA; which has become the most influential school in the world of glass. He has mentored many and influenced all of the artists working on glass today. Chihuly was one of the first artists working in glass to create large-scale installation work. He introduced the idea of incorporating glass installations and sculptures throughout botanical gardens. In recognition for his impact to the world's art scene, Dale Chihuly was honored as a "Living Treasure" in 1992. His paintings, sculptures and installations are in the permananet collections for over 200 museums. Dale Chihuly has had dozens of one-man museum exhibitions. He has found what few of us do, a place in history.

"I think what really made things take off in terms of the glass movement, was the early recognition on the part of the museum establishment that we were on to something. Their interest in exhibiting and ultimately collecting contemporary glass gave us all a certain legitimacy. This really started with the late great Thomas Buechner's efforts at the Corning Museum of Glass in my opinion." - Dale Chihuly

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