Dan Dailey

No one better represents the “essence” of the Contemporary Glass Movement than does Dan Dailey. His unrestricted view of glass has allowed Dailey the freedom to explore and expand on the themes that fascinate him. Most artists may develop one or two great bodies of work over their career. There are few artists like Dan Dailey whose entire career of taking risks are so successful. These are the artists that history remembers.

Dan Dailey’s works are in over 50 museum collections world-wide and he has been honored with a major retrospective at the Renwick Gallery of the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, DC. Dailey’s architectural commissions enhance residences and public buildings in the US and Europe.

“Material has never ceased to attract and amaze me. Since the 60’s I have collected many kinds of industrial glass; sheets, rods, tubes, ingots, and tried to use them in ways that take advantage of their particular qualities. When I began working at Daum in France in 1977, it was Pate de Verre glass that offered the most interesting potential. I took assistants with me to the factory over the years, to blow the special crystal before fritted in casting colors, and their large scale cast glass in hundreds of colors still fascinates me. Although glass has been used by artists and artisans more than 3500 years, it still inspires a sense of new challenge. I have found glass to be a perfect material to bring my visual concepts to reality.”