Danny White

Danny White studied at Pilchuck Glass School in Stanwood, WA as a student of Jamex and Einar De La Torre in 2008 and at the Studio Art Center International in Florence, Italy focusing in Painting and Drawing Mediums, 2006. He’s been a visiting artist and artist in residence at over 20 locations around the United States as well as won many awards and honors. Danny has also been teaching assistant for a list of impressive artists at Pilchuck Glass School among other places.

Artist Statement:

“My name is Danny White and I have been entertaining with art for as long as I can remember. In 2008 I received my BFA Degree from Bowling Green State University in Ohio. Painting and drawing had always been my primary focuses until 2007 when I first discovered glass. I was able to develop a relationship with the material by approaching it much as I would a painting. From then on I have focused my energy on creating work that bridges the gap between the different mediums using a cohesive aesthetic. I love traveling to new places and meeting new people. Through this I create what I experience and enjoy telling the story.” – Danny White