Hilal Hibri

Hilal Hibri is an artist with a passion for science. From early childhood, he has been mesmerized by the magic underlying both the simple and the complex, the enchantments that uphold the cosmic web, and the universal beauty manifest in natural forms and textures.

At the core of his artistic vision is a desire to honor the magnificence of nature by making tangible the beautiful forces that harmonize the chaotic universe into pattern, life and consciousness. Hibri’s believes that the transparency of glass and the sculptural versatility of casting makes a uniquely suited modality for conveying the invisible, giving form to vision.

Hilal Hibri creative wanderlust led him from pate de verre vases to cast crystal jewelry, from negative relief wall pieces to large abstract sculpture. His recent installations include The Fractalarium, housed in the Hill Country Science Mill, and The Ametrine Empress chandelier hanging in The Bryan Museum. His new Augmented Reality series capitalizes on tasteful efficiencies in the design and fabrication processes allowing him to seamlessly integrate human forms with organic and geometric designs.