Jaromír Rybák

Jaromír Rybák was trained at the Secondary School of Applied Arts in Zelezny Brod and the Academy of Applied Arts, where he studied with Stanislav Libensky. Under Libensky, Rybák was schooled in using the mold-melting process and then employing cold-working techniques to enhance the inherent luminosity of the material. While Rybák’s early work clearly reveals the influence of his teacher, it was not long before his own artistic temperament asserted itself: exploring the sharp contrasts of ugliness and beauty, light and darkness, harmony and aggression. Creating works in glass sculpture and architecture, Rybák’s works have earned him third prize in the 1985 Zweiter Coburger Glaspreis in Coburg, Germany, and the Masaryk Art Academy Prize in 1996.

Rybák’s commissioned works and architectural installations can be seen throughout Europe and the Middle East, and his sculpture is featured in the public collections of numerous museums including The Corning Museum of Glass, Grand Crystal Museum in Taipei, Taiwan, Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris, France, Musée des beaux-arts de Montréal, Canada, and Museum of Decorative Arts, Prague, Czech Republic. Rybák has lectured and taught workshops throughout Europe, Canada, Japan, and Australia.

“The longer I am engaged in art the more I am convinced that seeking my own pleasure is primary for me. I believe that art should emanate from the author’s heart. There are many subjects that inspire me – nature, history and old cultures, some branches of science such as astronomy, physics, chemistry, or various mysteries.

I am aware that glass, iron, clay, drawings and paintings have different ways of expression. I try to put them in balance. In this, I see the harmony of contradictions that are, at the same time, the basis of our common existence.

My work has become my destiny and I like it. Sometimes I swear when the work goes wrong but I always overcome it since I don’t know anything else.

When someone gives me credit or identifies with my work it is actually a process of making new friendships with people who are on the same wavelength. And this is the sense of my work”. – Jaromir Rybak