Jeffery Honsberger

For over thirty years, Jeffery Honsberger has been working in the Defense and Space industry where attention to detail is paramount. Jeff credits his love of glass to a walk down Fifth Avenue in Naples, Florida where his admiration of several art and glass galleries quickly became his passion. What began as a hobby has transpired into a dream….

While passionately studying and learning every element of the glass concept, Jeffery Honsberger has received private training from some of the world’s most renowned glass artist. His love of the finished product has influenced his desire to use his creativity as a building block to design. Residing in Ellicott City, Maryland, Jeff has left no stone unturned as he maintains a studio in his home where he enjoys the labor of his love.

Cold Glass or Fabricated Glass is a process that very few glass artists consider. This process does not involve heat. 99% of glass artist use hot glass while 1% use cold glass; that is where Jeff Honsberger starts to build these beautiful glass sculptures. The process starts with a design that he sketches out on paper. After the rough design is complete, he moves to software cad program to build a model and make drawings. During this stage Jeff trials different color combinations to decide which he likes best. Then he takes optical crystal glass and starts by cutting the raw glass using a 20" diamond saw specifically design to cut thick glass. After cutting the glass he will go through several grinding and polishing steps to bring the glass surface to a perfect polished piece. Once he has two surfaces polished, he laminates them with a museum grade adhesive that is optically clear. He starts by building from the inside and works his way out until he finished a sculpture. This process can take from 3 months to 1 year depending on the complexity of the piece.

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