Petr Hora

Petr Hora was born on April 12, 1949 in Brno, Czech Republic. He attended the Applied Art College of Glass-making Zelezny Brod Glass-making school, Chlum u Trebon. He was awarded the Applied Arts Quadriennial, Erfurt IHM (International Handwerksmesse München) Bavarian State Award and gold metal. Hora can be found in the collections of the Bohemian Art Glass Museum, Karuizawa, (Japan); Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburgh (USA); Chrysler Museum of Art, Norfolk (USA); Corning Museum of Glass, Corning (USA), Mobile Museum of Art, Mobile (USA); Seven Bridges Foundation, Greenwich, (USA) and The Cantor Arts Center at Stanford University, (USA).

Petr Hora can take the most glass simple form and make it strong and dynamic and beautiful at the same time. He is both a master at his craft and a true artist. A fellow glass artist said “In the end I am not afraid to say that Petr Hora loves glass from the bottom of his heart. He is diligent and relentless when working with glass; he has a great deal of art sense for the material and its artistic form and impressiveness. The glass rewards him with permanent surprises revealing new and new secrets.” – Ivo Burian, 2011