Randy Walker

Randy Walker a 1981 graduate of Oklahoma State University, now lives in Bellingham, Washington.
Randy first came to Pilchuck Glass school in 1989 as a student and has worked every summer for Pilchuck as staff, faculty member or craftsman since 1990 . During the school’s off season, Walker made his work in Pilchuck’s hot shop.

Randy Walker was a principal member of the William Morris blowing team for sixteen years, helping to make some of the world’s most innovative glass works. For the past decade, Walker has been a frequent faculty member at Pilchuck and has taught workshops in Canada, Japan, New Zealand and across the United States. In 2006 he was a featured demonstrating artist at the International Glass Art Society conference. His work is exhibited nationally, as well as in France and Canada.

“The stillness and solitude of the forest is a basic necessity for me. Life’s seasons and cycles are played out with timeless patience. It’s one place where the beauty of change, both death and birth, is celebrated equally. I want to capture this essence in my work.

I gather inspiration from molten glass’s animated movement, evocative colors and intricate surfaces equal to the inspiration I harvest from the same essential qualities found in nature. – Randy Walker”