RNST (pronounce Ernest) is a French contemporary artist from Dijon, East of France, but he’s been living in the South of France for 10 years.  He is known for his beautiful colorful and explosive stencils that can be found throughout France and beyond. Born in 1972, he is a street-artist and graffiti poster artist. He has been experimenting with canvases since 1990’s, the artist took over the streets with his friend Cynik to express his committed art. He used all sorts of techniques: graffiti, posters, collages, stencil.

RNST is a street actor and serigraffichist, adept of alternative cultures, he explores and plays with urban art in various forms: graffiti, posters, collages, stencils. He really invested the street with screen printing (display) and stencil. His studio is a laboratory where he mixes recipes, colors and genres. The speech and the work of RNST are impregnated with two constants: provoc and romanticism. Of multiple influences, amateur of supports of all kinds and especially of recovery, his work of creation is a direct link between the street and the workshop. News and public space should not escape us, this is where the artist comes to position. RNST considers its creations as true bridges between the world and its intimate world in order to ask questions, disturb and question.