Vivian Wang

Vivian Wang is an American sculptor of Chinese descent, who is inspired by the art of ancient China and Japan.

With Asian features and formal poses, her figures are always elaborately clothed in garments replete with Asian patterns and motifs. The style and color of the clothing has been greatly influenced by her previous career as a fashion designer. The “textile-like” surfaces of her work are purposely distressed or “antiqued”.

Vivian Wang uses glass components for the hands, feet and heads of her figures imbues them with an almost intangible quality. Together, these elements give the sculptures a haunting look, mirroring the paintings and sculptures of ancient China and Japan.

All her pieces are now extravagantly embellished with semi-precious stones and crystals. This reflects the opulence and pageantry of court life in ancient Asia.  Even the Samurai warrior wears the most resplendent armor covered with an overwhelming number of garnets and moonstones. The use of these semi precious stones is a new direction in her art, one which she intend to develop further.

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