Zoe Woods

Emerging glass artist Zoe Woods uses her discovery of an adaptation of the traditional Graal technique to create within her pieces fractal views and reflections that work as endless optical illusions.

Zoe Woods is an Adelaide-based glass artist and 2011 graduate of the South Australian School of Art, University of South Australia. Since the completion of her studies and ever-growing success, Woods’ work has persis- tently gained complexity. The solid patterned glass objects she produces feature reflections and repetition, yet obses- sive patterns also permeate her making processes. Woods employs both hot and cold techniques and in doing so has made a place for serendipitous chance and complex repet- itive tasks to inform one another. While the resulting pieces evoke a multitude of associations, foremost they read as devices of wondrous optical pleasure connected to the ancient lineage of humans using glass to “discover” the natural world.