Vivian Wang sculpture

Deco Queen by Vivian Wang

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Artist: Vivian Wang

Dimensions: 31 x 13 x 13 in
Year: 2019
Material/Process: Cast Glass, Stoneware, Gemstones and Gold Leaf with Steel Base
Origin: United States

Gemstones: Moonstones- 27 CT. Citrine- 158 CT. Crystal- 4 CT. Red Gold 23 Carat

DECO QUEEN portrays a woman drenched in the ultimate extravagance and splendor of the Deco era. Her costume, resplendent with gold and jewels, represents an over-the-top Deco style. The upturned collar was a big trend at the time. Her bodice appliqués and all-over patterns are all rendered in Deco’s geometric shapes. The gold leaf and embellishments epitomize Shanghai’s Golden Era. Her hair style was influenced by the very well-known American entertainer who performed in France in the 30’s, Josephine Baker.