Backhaus-Brown & Egeværk glass art

"Havet" by Backhaus-Brown & Egeværk

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Dimensions: 35.4 inches in length
Year: 2019
Material/Process: Fumed oak and glass
Origin: Denmark

HAVET (the Sea) - the couple Ægir and Ran are the Norse Gods of the Sea, representing its positive as well as negative aspects. Their daughters are waves. In the depth of the sea, the Midgård Serpent lingers circumventing Earth. In Norse mythology, the sea represents both the risk of the individual facing the threat of sea wreck and death by drowning and the big all-encompassing latent chaos of the Midgård Serpent – a giant monster representing a cosmic dimension. Norse myths, legends and folklore are full of alluring sea creatures, mermen and mermaids.